On this picture Blue Diamond Remodeling Team

About Us

  Over the past years, our success is due to our dedication to quality work and customer service.  

Honesty and open communication have empowered our workforce since the very beginning thus we have a track record of many completed projects which were on time and within our client's budget.

  •   Our project managers and team members work to attain the highest standard for our clients; although our team is not very big, we are competent, attentive, and ready-to-help professionals. 

  As a general contractor we work on both residential and commercial projects. For residential, we remodel bathrooms, kitchens, whole house remodels and create additions.  

  •   Having ready access to a counter top company - Exotic Stone Works which imports and installs counter tops, gives us a wider variety and choice of quartz, granite and Silestone(R) for our clients.

Our custom cabinetry always delights our clients with its versatility and sophistication. We also provide job costing and budgeting tailored to your pocketbook, we also can connect you with great designers who can help you maximize the use of your space. We also can schedule our work around your needs i.e. your family time requirements - our knowledgeable and experienced estimators and project managers are always open to discussion about your budget and ready to provide advice and solutions.

  •   We have a proactive approach to all our projects regardless of their size and our personal attention insures completion of your project.

The professional path that we have been traveling allows us to confidently declare ourselves as a company with a large portfolio of successful projects in which our new clients can find exclusive design solutions such as with the currently trendy Southwest Minimalism and its unusual combinations of natural stone and wood blended with modern techniques.

  • This eclectic approach to remodeling definitely makes us a pioneer. 

We are proud of the quality of the work done and the loyalty of many clients who often call us back for more remodeling.

We welcome the possibility of working with you to help you find the solutions that would best meet your needs.

After all, you spend most of your life in your home or working in your office; you deserve  to enjoy your living spaces every minute of your life. 


Make your life better by using Blue Diamond Remodeling, Inc.!


In 1976 Richard Rucker, Maxwell's father continued the family business in Austin, Texas.

On this picture Maxwell Rucker the president of Blue Diamond Remodeling with his father Richard
Maxwell Rucker, The President of Blue Diamond Remodeling with his father Richard

In 2013 Richard Rucker's millennial son, Maxwell Rucker, took over as the head of Blue Diamond Remodeling Inc. a remodeling company established by Richard and Maxwell's mother in 2004.

On this picture Maxwell Rucker, the president of Blue Diamond Remodeling
Maxwell Rucker, The President of Blue Diamond Remodeling

Under Maxwell Rucker, Blue Diamond Remodeling has evolved into an ambitious remodeling organization with a contemporary attitude encompassing a wider scope in its portfolio and thinking for both residential and commercial work.


However the strong traditions established a hundred years ago are still evident...