Design Department



Cody Rackley is an award-winning designer based in Austin, Texas.

Cody started Studio R while attending the University Of The Incarnate Word in San Antonio Texas, where he received a B.A in Interior Design. Cody has sat on many design boards, including The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)

Cody currently serves as the Chair of the Texas State Chapter Austin Design Community of ASID.

He received the Robert Preston Henry Practitioner award for his outstanding volunteer efforts as a new emerging professional. Design is fundamental to Cody as he pushes the boundaries and takes them to new levels every day.

Cody Rackley

Alled ASID

BA Interior Design

Head of Design Department

“Design space as far as your clients allow you...a little nudge never hurt anyone!"



Design Sociology


Your home should be a reflection of your brand and lifestyle. Sourcing unique finds to showcase is your home pulls your experiences to one place.

I believe interior design is the physical art sociology and self-expression. Your home should never fully be on-trend or match your neighbors. Using mixtures of natural elements, layering of textures, and contrast of nature beings a home to life. If you don't find yourself in nirvana when you come home every day, then what's the point?


Cody's Design Aesthetic


A classic modern aesthetic is where my design style leans towards and stems. Keeping a soft palette of different elements will bring a large amount of interest. Color should be used as an architectural element of expression and never for a cover-up. Give impact through structural elements, attention to detail, and charming finds bring a classic touch a modern interior, it never disappoints. ; Design is art.

Emotions are crucial to perfecting every aspect of a clients dwelling space.