The Domain

Blue Diamond Remodeling Inc. is proud to be working with a very interesting commercial construction project at The Domain. We are excited to be working on this totally different” project with its unique interior design approach utilizing advanced materials and technology. Although this

project is still under wraps we were given permission by our client to feature it on our website.


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Southern Elegance

Elegant, modern, simple and comfortable. These are the right words to describe this residential project in its simplicity and airy coolness of the light-colored walls. Here, meet that real “Austinite” blend of natural wood panels specially treated to look like pieces just taken from an old barn. The purposely accented roughness of this sink with its stylish plumbing meet here with the sophisticated shine of Royal Black granite. The abundance of natural, eco-friendly materials and proper usage of living space makes this home spacious and extraordinarily stylish.


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The Airport

Working on a government project is always a big responsibility especially when it is at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport!  Our company’s participation with two ongoing projects is an indicator of our professionalism and proof of the quality standard of services we provide!


*For security reasons, we cannot show the actual pictures of the construction. Follow us on Facebook to be updated once the project is completed. 

Masterpiece Kitchen

We don’t just create kitchens. No way. We create masterpieces. Please see how this kitchen’s island was transformed to look like a massive but delicate block of marble. From each smallest detail: matching of the lines

in the stone’s natural surface, smooth outlines of sink’s bends which intersect with a regular rectangular shape of the island. The lighting and the paint colors of the materials used for walls and flooring, subtle

woodwork done on cabinets – everything here give that extraordinary eclectic touch which is very hard to find in regular residential construction.

We are happy to make our customer to feel special, because that’s what our company’s services are for – to make our customers to feel joy, comfort and happiness every minute they are spending in their home!


The Harmony
Merriam-Webster defines Harmony as “a pleasing arrangement of parts”. 

We not only attempt to work in harmony with our subcontractors to maintain good vibes during your remodel but we also assist your designer in every way possible to physically express harmony in the style you have chosen. 

The New Eclectic 

Our great Lone Star State can be deservedly called the Kingdom of Color: Color in Texas is everywhere, from the strong brightness of our sun to the variety of greens in our grasses to the depth of our blue and sunset-orange skies.

To fully appreciate all this magnificent color, we should spend time in a place where our eyes can have a rest such as in this kitchen created in all-light colors.