Southern Elegance 


Elegant, modern, simple and comfortable. These are the right words to describe this residential project in its simplicity and airy coolness of the light-colored walls. Here, meet that real “Austinite” blend of natural wood panels specially treated to look like pieces just taken from an old barn. The purposely accented roughness of this sink with its stylish plumbing meet here with the sophisticated shine of Royal Black granite. The abundance of natural, eco-friendly materials and proper usage of living space makes this home spacious and extraordinarily stylish.


Owner's Review


We (.....) chose Blue Diamond even though their bid was a bit higher. Richard was very up front about Blue Diamond not being the cheapest before their bid was submitted. We chose Richard because of his architectural background, his construction sensibilities, his laid-back but professional demeanor, his listening skills and his attention to detail. We were not disappointed...


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The Harmony


Merriam-Webster defines Harmony as “a pleasing arrangement of parts”. 

We not only attempt to work in harmony with our subcontractors to maintain good vibes during your remodel but we also assist your designer in every way possible to physically express harmony in the style you have chosen. 

Masterpiece Kitchen


We don’t just create kitchens. No way. We create masterpieces. Please see how this kitchen’s island was transformed to look like a massive but delicate block of marble. From each smallest detail: matching of the lines

in the stone’s natural surface, smooth outlines of sink’s bends which intersect with a regular rectangular shape of the island. The lighting and the paint colors of the materials used for walls and flooring, subtle

woodwork done on cabinets – everything here give that extraordinary eclectic touch which is very hard to find in regular residential construction.

We are happy to make our customer to feel special, because that’s what our company’s services are for – to make our customers to feel joy, comfort and happiness every minute they are spending in their home!

Owner's Review


This is the second renovation project where I used Blue Diamond and I am very happy with the outcome. The project began on our agreed upon schedule date...


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The New Eclectic 


Our great Lone Star State can be deservedly called the Kingdom of Color: Color in Texas is everywhere, from the strong brightness of our sun to the variety of greens in our grasses to the depth of our blue and sunset-orange skies.To fully appreciate all this magnificent color, we should spend time in a place where our eyes can have a rest such as in this kitchen created in all-light colors. 

Great woodwork solution for small kitchen


Here at Blue Diamond Remodeling we make even the simplest details look like a work of art!

Owner's Review


We are extremely satisfied with our remodeled kitchen that has beautiful cabinets built by Giuseppe and granite countertops, tile backsplash and floor installed by Sergio. Richard, Max, Gloria, Court and everyone involved in the project are real pros. Blue Diamond's high ratings on Angie's List prompted us to select them as one of the bidders for our long-overdue kitchen update. Although the company's bid was higher, we decided that it was worth the additional money to work with a general contractor that offers a good value and has a team of people who care.


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Light and Airy   


This light and airy bathroom combines your favorite fairytales and seaside dreams into your very own whimsical retreat

Owner's Review


Outstanding craftsmen. Great quality of work. They were courteous and cleaned up every evening. Project took a little longer than anticipated primarily caused by our requested change in tile work. Finished product exceeded expectations .


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Tranquil Touch


Natural materials, natural harmony, natural happiness. This is how we are doing it here, at Blue Diamond Remodeling 

Classic perfection  


You might think this is an old Victorian painting or classic movie decoration.  No, this is just another cabinet made by Blue Diamond Remodeling

Soft and Tender


 Look how soft all this pastel colors are and how tender is the shade of the natural stone provided by Exotic Stone Works and used for this gorgeous bathroom made by Blue Diamond Remodeling

Shades of Amber 


What can be better than refined shades of amber, bricks and ochre? Only the bathroom made by Blue Diamond Remodeling using all those colors!

Spacious and Bright


Well, here you can see spacious, modern and comfortable kitchen where nothing press, where everything is designed to provide maximum rest

Perfect Sense of Contrast   


See how noblely aged wood echoes with surrounding design and how created contrast leads to the beautiful eclectic look 

Place to enjoy your rest


A cosy and comfy space is all we need after hard working day

Blue Diamond Remodeling is always ready to help you to build one.


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The Homecoming    


Sometimes we miss the warmth of the home where we grew up - all those inexpressibly,  incomparable feelings and priceless memories linked to the place where family spent most of time together - at the kitchen. 

Blue Diamond Remodeling will be glad to help you feel all those emotions again  - in spite of their modern look, our kitchens would bring back to you the spirit of warmth and comfort.