Austinite Elegance 


Elegant, modern, simple and comfortable define this residential kitchen and bath project. A blend of natural wood panels specially treated to look like pieces taken from an old barn bring this unique space to life. The inherent roughness of the woods paired with stylish plumbing fixtures emphasize the sophisticated shine of the Royal Black granite used throughout the spaces. The abundance of natural, eco-friendly materials and proper usage of living space makes this home spacious and extraordinarily stylish.

Arranged Harmony


We not only strive to work in harmony with our team of project managers and contractors to maintain the highest quality of services during your remodel. Our in-house designers assist in every way possible to physically express a harmonious arrangement of parts to meet your style.

Marble Masterpiece 


We don’t just build kitchens. We create masterpieces.

The kitchen island is a balance of grandeur and delicacy through a seamless block of marble. Our attention to the smallest details, such as matching the lines in the stone’s inherent qualities with the smooth outlines of the fixtures, to the lighting, paint colors,

flooring, and subtle woodwork allows every aspect to give that extraordinary eclectic touch. We strive to make each customer feel delight, comfort and satisfaction.

That’s what our company’s services are for!

Uniquely Texan  


Color in Texas is everywhere, from the bright sunshine to the variety of verdant greens to the depth of our blue and sunset-orange skies.To fully appreciate all this magnificent color, we should spend time in a place where our eyes can have a rest.

That is why this kitchen design is a balance of light colors, smooth finishes and unique fixtures.

Artfully Crafted


Here at Blue Diamond Remodeling we make even the simplest details look like a work of art. From the custom built wine rack with its rich finish and perfect joint work, to the exquisite counter tops and sleek appliances, this kitchen is truly a functional work of art.

Light and Airy   


This polished and spacious bathroom design is a combination of favorite fairytales and seaside dreams turned into a whimsical retreat.

The unique vanity with its bright lighting, exposed plumbing, and magnificent mirrors truly make this a special space.

Tranquil Touch


Natural materials bring natural harmony and natural happiness to this refined bathroom.

The elegant simplicity of the vanity, the show-stopping tub, and the angles of the shower walls come together to create a beautiful composition.

Here at Blue Diamond Remodeling, this is how we do it!

Classic perfection  


Designed to be classic and timeless in every detail, this bathroom marries Victorian elements and modern selections to create a sense of calm tranquility. The clean, sweeping lines from the counter top cascade over to the immaculately built custom cabinetry below, and the perfect shade of blue ties the entire design together.

Tenderly Organized


The soft, tender shades of the natural stone provided by Exotic Stone Works and the immaculate tile work make a delicate and comfortable composition for this gorgeous bathroom.

A spacious tub, large shower, and generous vanity give this bathroom plentiful room for every task, and a place to organize all your needs.

Shades of Sepia 


What can be better than refined shades of amber, bricks and ochre? Only a bathroom made by Blue Diamond Remodeling! Here the purposeful mix of textured bricks paired along side square tiles and copper fixtures fashion a truly unique design.

Spacious and Bright


This open floor plan provides an expansive modern and comfortable kitchen, family room, and entry. Here you feel immediately welcomed, at home, and at ease.

The sleek, polished cabinetry, countertops, lighting and fixtures lend functionality and elegance to the space.

Perfect Contrast   


Nobly aged wood is clearly the centerpiece, and demonstrates in a grand manner the highest level of detailed design and construction. The open glass cabinetry with its internal lighting, exquisite use of storage space, light colored flooring and walls and sleek fixtures come together harmoniously. This contrast of materials and design features lead to a beautiful, welcoming space.

Restfully Restored


A cosy and comfortable space is what we deserve after a hard working day. This kitchen and bathroom were designed to use every amount of space in the most effective manner, and truly demonstrate meticulous craftsmanship.

Blue Diamond Remodeling is always willing and ready to help you design and build the kitchen, bathroom, or space of your dreams!


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The Homecoming    


Sometimes we miss the warmth of the home where we grew up - all those inexpressibly,  incomparable feelings and priceless memories linked to the place where family spent most of time together - at the kitchen. 

Blue Diamond Remodeling will be glad to help you feel all those emotions again  - in spite of their modern look, our kitchens would bring back to you the spirit of warmth and comfort. 

Light, Bright and Elegant


This project located in North Austin Neighborhood filled of extravagance with its big and functional open kitchen and an expanded living room with floor to ceiling windows.


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Boutique Shop


This small shop at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport built by Blue Diamond Remodeling is a great sample on how perfect space planning can transform that small surface into the wide enough  boutique shop



We are super excited to present one of our ready projects located in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport building. This bar in very heart of that magnificent area is built to provide maximum comfort to travelers and we did everything to make it light, ergonomic, cosy and calm.

The Domain


Blue Diamond Remodeling Inc. is proud to be working with a very interesting commercial construction project at The Domain. We are excited to be working on this totally different project with its unique interior design approach utilizing advanced materials and technology.  

The Basement


It is always great to have more space! Especially if that space is planned this good - this basement renovated by Blue Diamond Remodeling is a fun for the whole family - it include a new TV suite, home entertaining space for children and a real sauna! Entire space has clean, modern feel with the little touch of vintage warmed up by the brick accent walls and decorative old-fashioned pipes. 

Stunning Decor


This project involved a total remodel of the kitchen, living room and piano area. Material selection really does make a project - stunning marble with the grey veining used in the kitchen used with all white cabinetry and mosaic tile looks incredibly stylish. We also changed the space to provide a charming look into the kitchen. The master bath was also totally remodeled and went from blah to beautiful. You can clearly see how much you can change a space with custom remodeling using our services -  take a look at how sophisticated the tile, marble, walls color and flooring make that space.