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Remodeling Pro's Advice · 06. November 2018
.... Typically, storage options are drawers, cabinets, shelves and pantries, and you know the types of things you like to keep in each of them. But there are other options, too:
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 13. July 2018
The Blue Diamond Remodeling crew...
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 09. July 2018
It’s our company policy not to...
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 27. June 2018
Promises. Promises. Unfortunately, General Contractors have gotten a bad reputation for making them - and not delivering on them.
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 25. June 2018
Your satisfaction and our reputation are both extremely important to us.
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 19. June 2018
and the people we’ve chosen to do business with.
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 11. June 2018
Blue Diamond Remodeling will give you a timeline...AND WE’LL STICK to IT!
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 04. June 2018
A designer shares insider tips and tricks for your bathroom renovation
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 28. May 2018
Inspiration from when this home was built helps set a retro-mod design direction for a remodel
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 16. March 2018
Countertops with hints of gold are the perfect way to bring a pop of shimmer into a neutral kitchen.

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