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Remodeling Pro's Advice · 30. March 2022
Helping our community
In an effort to contribute to the development of our community, Blue Diamond Remodeling will provide a ten percent discount to individuals affected by the recent tornado.  In his latest interview with KVUE News Maxwell Rucker, the President of Blue Diamond Remodeling shared his opinion regarding making easier the remodeling process for those whose properties were damaged by a tornado.   
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 17. August 2020
If you think we did a good job on your project, please vote for us in the Best Home Contractor / Repair /Remodeling Businesses Category
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 16. March 2020
We can work on your project remotely!
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 16. March 2020
Making your space to be most positive and comfortable
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 13. February 2020
Austin, Texas, February 11, 2020 – Blue Diamond Remodeling, Inc of Austin, Texas has won a “Best Of Houzz” award for “Customer Service” on Houzz
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 14. January 2020
We asked experts from New York to California to name the most common mistakes homeowners make when attempting DIY projects, and how to avoid them.
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 24. January 2019
“Best of Houzz is a true badge of honor as it is awarded by our community of homeowners
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 17. January 2019
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 23. November 2018
"...a kitchen doesn’t allow for a lot of flexibility once everything is in place. as much as you can to be specific about what you need. could try this: Head out to the backyard (or the garage, if there’s room) with a big roll of, say, bright blue painter’s tape and mark off your layout to full size. Then (ignoring the strange looks from your neighbors), walk it through, as if you were making a favorite dish. See what feels natural and what doesn’t. the time you’re done,
Remodeling Pro's Advice · 06. November 2018
.... Typically, storage options are drawers, cabinets, shelves and pantries, and you know the types of things you like to keep in each of them. But there are other options, too:

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