New Constructions

2ND Street 



Blending the richness of brick custom fragments with the luminosity of glossy Polar White paint, this home embraces a unique aesthetic. Reclaimed wood cabinets add character, while warm wood floors provide a foundation of modern elegance. The resulting fusion of elements culminates in what can aptly be described as a "Reclaimed Southern Contemporary" haven, elevating high-rise living to new heights. Guided by the expertise of certified teams at Blue Diamond Remodeling, this once lackluster home has been metamorphosed into a haven of modern sophistication. The transformation is marked by a seamless interplay of materials and craftsmanship, a dance between refined finishes and the rustic allure of reclaimed elements. Intricate details abound, with custom closets, is a nod to indulgence, offering a space to unwind and rejuvenate. Wooden floors shimmer as they reflect light, contributing to an atmosphere of luminous tranquility, grounding the design in a unifying visual motif. The contrast against the reclaimed materials and the interplay with the other design elements creates an aesthetic dialogue that's both engaging and inviting.

Duval Street



Clean and simple lines, honest use of materials, without decorative embellishments, Blue Diamond Remodeling remodeled and upgraded a modern Scandinavian Chick home to incorporate urban design intertwining aesthetic modern style in construction, aligned with the Modernism of the period. The custom-designed cabinets executed by the masters at Diamond Millworks and the artisans finishes have delivered a home to be considered the jewel. As the home sits perched overlooking the Austin Skyline, opening the triple panel stacking sliding doors open to a side of magnificent Austin, not many have the privilege to see

Basement Conversion North Austin

This captivating basement redesign harmoniously merges raw brick walls, industrial lighting, and distinctive touches to forge a playful and unconventional family haven. Glittering penny tiles serve as a dynamic backdrop for a tailor-made game room, a chic bar, a soothing sauna, and an immersive home theater. Whether savoring drinks at the bar, reveling in games, or unwinding by the fire, this multifaceted space caters to a variety of preferences. With an urban edge and a penchant for the extraordinary, this basement defies convention. It's a reinterpretation of traditional space, an embodiment of modernity and flair that offers something special for everyone.

Appartment Downtown Austin

Decorating around a grand piano demands spaciousness, elegant furniture, modern colors, and stylish accents. This approach creates a luxurious atmosphere, highlighting architectural features and adding chic comfort. In combined living and kitchen spaces, allowing ample room to showcase the piano is vital. Harmonizing furnishings avoid competing for space, enhancing the existing style. Classic design merged with roomy layouts and trendy colors produces inviting living area in classic, retro, pop art style.

Home Interior Round Rock

The timeless charm of a classic interior adorned with a splendid cast iron staircase, where every detail tells a story of elegance and comfort. The heart of this space is adorned with a majestic fireplace, serving as a focal point that radiates warmth and sophistication. The fireplace, meticulously crafted, stands as the center of this interior, its ornate details and refined mantel create an inviting aura, drawing you in to bask in its cozy embrace. As the flames dance within, the room comes alive with a gentle flicker that casts a warm glow on every surface. The cast iron staircase complements the fireplace's allure adding a touch of grandeur to the room. Ascending the staircase, you're transported to a realm of elegance and refinement.