Maxwell Rucker

Blue Diamond Remodeling, Inc







Blue Diamond Remodeling stands as a testament to the Rucker family's enduring legacy, spanning over 140 years serving Texas.

The lineage continues with Richard Rucker, who in 1976, steered the family enterprise towards Austin, Texas.



In 2013, a pivotal moment arose as Richard Rucker's millennial son, Maxwell Rucker, assumed the mantle of leadership at Blue Diamond Remodeling Inc.

This transition marked more than just a passing of the torch; it ushered in a complete revitalization. Under Maxwell's guidance, the company underwent a comprehensive rebranding and embraced an innovative management ethos.



No longer confined to its earlier identity as a mere remodeling entity, Blue Diamond Remodeling evolved into Austin's eminent design-build powerhouse.

This transformation extended the company's capabilities to encompass both residential and commercial projects.



Noteworthy is the company's unwavering commitment to excellence, as evidenced by its consistent investment in training and the recruitment of top-tier professionals. Architects, designers, estimators, project managers, engineers, and other industry luminaries form a collective that shares a common zeal for delivering excellence.



Maxwell Rucker's stewardship has not only infused the company with youthful vibrancy but also cemented its reputation as a client-centric architectural and construction juggernaut.

This evolution positions Blue Diamond Remodeling as a dynamic, forward-looking entity, eagerly poised to surmount future challenges and embrace continued growth.