Design-Build service by Blue Diamond Remodeling is a one-stop, seamless way to undertake a remodeling project or to build a home. With “the design-build approach”, our company is able to provide our clients both – design and construction services within one project.


So, why it is good for you?

  • It makes things less complicated - instead of having a separate architect or designer (who does not know what things cost, or what things might be overly complex to build), and a separate constructor/remodeler/contractor, we have them wrapped into one company that does it all.
  • Full coverage of all necessary moves within your project - we are taking care of the permitting process and can recommend services of our partner company who provides engineering works required to build or remodel.
  • Easy budgeting - client’s budget is respected throughout the process and the final price is negotiated to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.
  • Step-by-step process - the design work is often done as a separate contract prior to building/remodeling contract.
  • Trust - the parties know and trust each other very well after working closely together on the design work.
  • Superior quality - designers and contractors work together as a team to meet performance needs, not simply design requirements, which materializes as improved quality. This approach gives to client the most harmonized balance between best technical solutions, usability, functionality and design’s aesthetic.
  • Educated decisions - as the design is developed in a very collaborative manner with you, cost of various features is discussed along the way. If you want to add an expensive feature, we will tell you what it would add to the project to do that. You can make an educated decision about whether you want to spend the extra money or not.

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